Monday, December 5, 2011

Not the First

J and I have been married over thirty years and I believe we have been careful to remain true to our selves first and to each other second.

She says she has never broken her vow to be mine only and I really believe this to be true however in the last three months we were forced apart by geography and family sickness.

It began innocently enough with a face book post that would lead to an email, face book message then several more emails. One of the Last listing this site as the place to find the “whole Story” as he put it in the email.

So I came I saw and I read. And decided that my sweet and sometime naive wife J deserves a more compassionate voice to tell the story of her sexual adventure and habits.

She was raised In a fatherless home by a very controlling mom who worked shift work, and so after her 14th birthday she had many nights at home alone with no supervision.

The story that set me on this path is listed as a summers conquest in true stories. After reading it several times I realized that there are always three stories His, Hers, and What happened. So not being there in person I will not seek to correct the facts I will move to the next chapter in J’S life enter yours truly or reenter actually.

We have known each other since we were 11, 9 years old respectively. I had recently moved back to town and we immediately began a fast courtship.

Our first date ended at my parents home talking into the early morning and we just knew then we were destined to together forever.

We had been dating all of 3 days when we went to park behind a local church and talk. I had recently been with some older loose women and was not sure how to treat the gorgeous lady I had in my front seat.

I tried to explain how I did not want to do anything she would not like and she crawled over beside me and laid in my arms and gave me the hottest wettest kiss of my life!

It seemed that she loved to French kiss it seemed like one long kiss for at least a couple of hours we were there till quite late and reluctantly called it a night after some soft petting and lots of kissing.

We had been dating for about three weeks and started making out and heavy petting for two or three more dates and one night in her driveway we were making out and her mother called us in to the house so she could lock the door and go to bed.

We sat on the love seat and picked up where we left off rubbing all the areas through fabric that was surely getting worn by now. I can remember the look in her eyes as I pushed my hand into her pantyhose and began to rub her moist clit for the first time.

She seemed to be more open and willing than in the car I am certain she felt safe with her mom 100 feet and two doors away. We were getting pretty worked up I realized we were crossing a barrier that at this point I believed to be virgin territory.

I began to manipulate my fingers to give her what would be the first of many oral orgasms. She reciprocated by massaging my rock hard cock to a gushing palm filling orgasm.

She giggled and ran to the kitchen for paper towels. We slipped back out to the car for a good night kiss and the promise of a next date.

We went back to the church the next night and got caught by an old man cooking out back so we retired to the driveway.

Then I asked her how she felt about where we were headed with the make out session and she quickly decided it would be better if we did not go any further but she never stopped rubbing my manhood through my skin tight jeans.

So I slowly began to remove her panty hose and once they were off we were off? I began to kiss my way down to her moist middle and was quite pleased to find a fresh hot wet pussy ready for a amateur licking.

I had only done this once while very drunk as a teenager and was afraid to get it wrong. Well it was her first time to let me put my tongue in her vagina so, I can say by the moans and flow of juices I did ok.

After mutual masturbation at least once by this time we reached our first joint climax she has yet to use her mouth on me but her hands were soft and quite expert in manipulation.

My beautiful girlfriend invited me to her home for a night of hanging out as her mother was working all night.

We would have the house to ourselves uninterrupted and we had agreed we were going to get married as soon as possible.

She called my home where I was having dinner with my family after work and asked where I was and had I forgotten our date.

Well I knew we had a long night ahead and was hungry and did not want to miss moms home cooked meal and tried to smooth it over with working late story.

I hurried over knowing I was starting out in the dog house.

I got there about an hour later than planned and sat in my car staring at the dark house, there was a lamp on in the window but everything else was dark.

I approached the house and saw a curtain move and a hand slip over to the door.

The screen was unlocked and so I pushed the door open and stepped in she was behind the door and quickly pushed it closed and dead bolted the lock.

When I adjusted to the dim light and turned to look to my amazement she had on just her panties and a bra.

She explained how she had never bought new underwear for a guy before and wanted to surprise me with the show, well now she wanted to know what I thought.

At that moment I thought shazam! 5’4” 107 lbs. red hair hazel eyes white lace 32 c, 24, 32, and legs that were long and high heeled.

This country boy was in shock! I could not move I just stood and stared at the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. She was hot!

She finally led me to a love seat and began the story.

It took her about 2 minutes of blushing and stammering through, “there something you need to know,” before she could get to the details and explain with painful recollection how she had foolishly let an older guy come in to her house while home alone and although she had pleaded no and asked him to stop after a while the desire to be liked and given attention broke a resolve and she followed him to her room and surrendered her virginity. ( I later learned the details see Believable by J)

She tearfully apologized that she no longer had the choice to offer me this treat and hoped I would still want her. She had been fearful for the last few dates as we went further in our exploration that I would know she was not a virgin and break up with her.

At this point I would have said anything to see what was in those new panties!

Want her I did we took it slow but with no remorse she began to open herself to me and we made love for the first time.

Two people in love forever having that intimate connection that only real lovers can!

We have made love for thirty plus years and I can honestly say she still lights my fire. And I am still the only guy she ever bought new under wear for………….

We began by undressing me boots jeans shirt t shirt socks under shorts, I am now standing at the edge of her bed looking into those seductive eyes and she reaches for my now hard and throbbing manhood she had never really had a chance to admire it and she lost her inhibition for a moment and said my what big dick you have!

Well I was now ready to show her just how she could expect to have this 8 inch wonder at her beck and call!

I released the snap on her bra between her heaving breast and was amazed as I saw the nipples for the first close inspection she has the biggest nipples and they stand at attention any time she is aroused.

I could not resist, I tenderly licked and then suckled each one after the other. I guided her to the edge of the bed and laid her down taking care to settle her ass just so and reached and began to remove her panties for the first time.

Her bush was full and her labia was swollen with anticipation.

I had enough foreplay in the last several weeks and was definitely ready to have some serious intercourse, and then as if a light came on she said what if I get pregnant?

Well it was way too late for this conversation but I decided to play it cool and laid on top of her with my throbbing member pressed against her wet mound and we proceeded to discuss options.

I had not brought a condom and so I began to sell the same lie every guy in the world has told at least once, I will not come inside you, I will pull out just before and come outside of you.

Well by now she wanted it more than I did and said ok go ahead. (did not know her first lover said the same thing).

I lifted my self above the beauty and placed my hard pulsing member into the hot wet love chamber and began to slowly move in and out.

She let me know that this was her dream and she wanted penetration hard fast and continuous.

Well I tried but in about 2 minutes I was ready to cum as anyone could imagine the presentation the story the invitation it’s a miracle I hadn’t cum in my pants.

So I being the man of my word quickly pulled out and shot a stream of cum all over her and the bed.

I went for the rag and cleaned her up. She said I was Cuming but you pulled out just before I finished.

So I explained about recovery and she made room for me to lay beside her and fondled one another till I was ready to mount and ride the second time again just before her climax I was forced to withdraw.

We giggled and laughed but she wanted penetration and orgasm so I ran to the local market in search of condoms.

Well when I returned she had used her old reliable methods and had her orgasm but was still ready for more so for the first time in my life I wrestled a condom on to my hard rod assumed the position for the third time that night, about two minutes in I began to loose my erection.

We decided we did not like condoms so I entered her and we fucked till I filled her with a load of hot semen and she let me know that she would be on the pill soon!

She loved the swelling of my head and the release of hot cum in her wet Pussy. This was the first of daily escapades for us and I am so aroused writing this account I cant’ wait for the next chapter hope you enjoyed!

Watch for the upcoming chapters in the adventures of J.. -

-the end-

Fringe Benefits

"I hope this apartment is nice" Dan thought. He had been looking at apartments all day and had seen some real shit holes. This apartment was a little more expensive than what he had planned, but it would be worth it. He had to start work on Monday and it was already Saturday. The new job he was starting in Flagstaff hadn't given him much notice, it was a great opportunity, but it was all such a rush.

Driving into the driveway this house looked pretty promising. The ad was about a garage apartment and the house had a three car garage so it should be pretty large. Dan parked his car, got out and headed for the front door. Knocking on the door he was glancing around taking in the nicely manicured lawn and fantastic landscaping. The door swung open and Dan was struck a little speechless. Standing before him was one of the sexiest women he had ever seen. Dark auburn hair and green eyes. Moving down to bare tanned shoulders, round firm breast maybe 34DD he would guess barely covered by the strapless top she was wearing. Her abs were tanned and toned leading down to the top of a very short tennis skirt that looked as if it barely covered her ass. Long tanned legs spread slightly apart Dan wondered what it would be like to be between those legs.

"Yes, can I help you"? the woman asked again.

That snapped Dan out of his fantasy and he stammered "Sorry, I am here about the apartment'

"Oh, you must be Dan Smith" the gorgeous redhead said, "I'm Cindy Jackson, it is so nice to meet you. Would you like to go and take a look at the apartment?" Cindy asked

'I would love to. I really need to get settled because I started a new job on Monday and really need to find a place." Dan told Cindy

Cindy lead the way walking up the stairs to the apartment Dan following her. He couldn't help but to look up her skirt which was actually a skort. Not that it really matter because even with the shorts underneath the legs flapped open flashing round tight ass cheeks and a shaved pussy. Dan could feel his cock jump in his pants and he tried to get himself under control. Reaching the top of the stairs Cindy opened the door and lead Dan into the furnished apartment. It was very nice, much larger than the others he had looked at today.

'I know the price might seem a little high, but there are fringe benefits that go along with the apartment." Cindy said smiling slightly.

"Fringe benefits?" Dan asked puzzled, looking her up and down

"Yes" Cindy said smiling knowing exactly what he was hoping was the benefit. 'You get the use of one of the garages and you can use the pool anytime you would like."

"Oh sure, of course" Dan said slightly embarrassed thinking Cindy could read exactly what he was thinking.

"So what do you think, do you like the apartment?" Cindy asked

'Very much." Dan said "I'll take it." thinking he would be happy to be seeing this nice piece of ass everyday.

'Great let's go inside and we can sign all the contracts." Cindy said

Going inside Cindy got all the papers together and Dan got out his checkbook. They talked about his new job and where he had come from. As they were finishing up with all the paper work the sliding backdoor opened and in walked a young sexy blond. She was wearing a tiny hot pink bikini which barely covered her nipples and was a thong on the bottom. She was dragging a beach towel behind her, but not even attempting to cover herself.

"Oh, Dan this is my daughter, Penny." Cindy said.

This caused Penny to cover herself with the beach towel like she was embarrassed that Dan had seen her in her bikini.

"Hi" Penny said shyly then walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs to her room.

"Sorry, Dan my daughter is a little shy, she just turned 18 and is still a little shy around men." Cindy told him. 'So it looks like that is everything, here are the keys to the apartment and you can move in anytime you would like."

"Thanks, I look forward to staying here. I am so relieved to finally find a place.' Dan told Cindy. 'I will start moving in today and get settled in'

'Let me know if you need anything." Cindy said "You are always welcome to come by if there is anything I can DO for you" she said smiling.

"OK, I will keep that in mind." Dan said.

A week had passed since Dan had moved into the apartment. It as a Saturday and the first day Dan had off all week. He was up in his apartment and glanced down at the pool. Cindy was out by the pool laying in the hot pink bikini and if it has seemed tiny in covering Penny's body it was that much smaller in covering her mothers much more ample breasts. 'Fuck she was hot' Dan thought to himself as she watch Cindy start to spread sun tan oil on her legs. Moving her hands up and down from her foot all the way up to her crotch rubbing the oil in slowly. Just then as he was leaning close to the window to get the best view of her she glanced up and saw him in the window and motioned him to come and join her. There was no way he could go down with the hard on he had right now so he jumped into a cold shower then got out and put on his swim trunks.

'You are here just in time" Cindy told Dan "I need some oil on my back" Cindy said as she reached around pulling the string to untie her top. Pulling the top over her head she sat there looking at him with her breast fully exposed. 'So could you please rub some oil on my back?" Cindy asked as she turned to lay face down on the lounge chair.

'Sure" Dan said taking the oil bottle and squeezing a small amount into his hand. Dan sat on the chair next to her and started rubbing the oil up and down her back. With each stroke up her back his cock go harder and harder. He might cum right here just touching this woman after all it had been a while since he'd been with anyone. As if she knew what he was thinking just the Cindy reached around and grabbed his cock through his swim trunks.

"Is this OK?" Cindy asked him

"Yes" Dan said as she started to stroke his cock. Then Dan thought he would have some fun too so he slid his hand down her back to her ass then between her legs slipping a finger under her suit bottoms.

Moaning Cindy said "yes stick your fingers in my pussy' which is just what Dan was already doing. Her pussy was so wet he wished it was his cock and not his fingers that was shoved up there.

Then Cindy sat up turning to him and said 'Take your trunks of I want to suck your cock.'

Dan didn't have to be told twice he stood up and dropped his trunks. Immediately, Cindy was pulling him towards her as she sat on the chair taking his cock into her mouth.

As her lips circled around his cock Dan felt a little light-headed. Cindy moved her mouth all the way to the base of Dan's cock flicking his balls with her tongue. Sucking hard on his cock for a few moments then pulling his cock out of her mouth.

'Fuck that feels so good" Dan told Cindy

"Didn't I tell you, you would enjoy the fringe benefits here" Cindy said smiling up at him with his cock just inches away from her mouth.

Now she just took the head of his cock in her mouth, flicking her tongue on it, sticking her tongue into his cock slit sucking out the precum that was oozing out there. She had one hand wrapped around his shaft while the other one was playing with his balls. Dan felt like he was going to explode any minute so he grabbed the back of her head holding her mouth down onto his cock. He started thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth.

Cindy was caught off guard at first, but then she just went with it. It was a fucking turn on for this much younger man to find her so attractive and now he was fucking her face for all he was worth. She knew from the quickness of his thrusts and his breathing he wasn't going to last much longer that is when she got the idea. She had been playing with his balls slowly moved down to her pussy which was dripping wet. She slid her finger into her pussy to get it good and wet. Then she reached up and slid the finger up Dan's ass. At first Dan tensed up, but as she worked the finger in and out he started moaning.

"Fuck, you're going to make me cum" Dan said just as the first shot of his hot white cum shot into the back of Cindy's mouth. Spurt after spurt Dan unloaded his cock into her mouth.

Hungrily, Cindy lapped up every drop of his cum sucking his cock dry. Pulling her mouth off his cock licking her lips she said "Penny will be home soon, but how about if I come up to the apartment tonight and you can return the favor."

"That sounds like an offer I can't refuse" Dan said with a smile picking up his trunks and walking back to his apartment.

Dan spent the day running errands, going grocery shopping and thinking about fucking Cindy tonight. How had he been so lucky to have found this great apartment and get to have sex with the hot homeowner. He was really looking forward to tonight and every time he thought about it his cock jumped a little in his pants. It seemed like he'd been walking around all day with a continuous hard-on.

Early in the evening Dan took a shower, shaving and getting prepared for the evening. He was playing some music and drinking a beer when he heard a quiet knock on the door. Walking over to the door and opening it he was in awe at what he saw. Cindy was standing there in a black lace babydoll nightie. The nightie was totally see through and she was wearing nothing underneath. He could see her firm round breasts, her smooth shaved pussy and when she turned to close the door her high round ass.

"So it is time for a little payback I do believe" Cindy said to Dan as she sat down on his couch spreading her legs wide showing him her smooth glistening pussy. Dan needed no other encouragement he knelt between her legs first taking a finger and running it along the slit of her pussy.

"Ummm, that's it I want you fingers in my pussy" Cindy purred to him. So that is just what he did. Spreading the lips of her pussy with his fingers he slid two fingers inside her hot wet cunt all the way up to the last knuckle. Working them in and out Dan leaned in kissing Cindy on the mouth. Dan could taste wine on her tongue as their tongues tangled together in a warm wet passionate kiss. All the while Dan was increasing the speed of his fingers in her cunt.

Cindy pushed him down towards her pussy saying "Suck my clit, I want you to make me cum." So Dan obliged, spreading her pussy lips with his free had so he had direct access to her clit. First, he gently licked it teasing her with his tongue making her squirm in her seat still pumping her pussy hole with his fingers now there were three inside her. Then he started to suck her clit, this made her buck her hips up into his face. Not letting up he continued to suck her clit gently taking it between his teeth, pulling on it, flicking it with his tongue. Her moaning was growing louder and louder with her hips bucking faster and faster riding the now four fingers he had ramming up her pussy hole.

"Oh, fuck I going to cum!" Cindy screamed and just then there was a gush as Cindy ejaculated spraying Dan's face.

'Oh shit" Dan said wiping his face with his hand.

'I'm sorry, I guess I should have warned you about that" Cindy said "Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. Some guys feel bad if they can't make me squirt so I try not to make a big deal out of it."

"No problem, I just wasn't expecting it." Dan said "I guess that means I did my job well." he said smiling.

"Yes, you did that was fantastic." Cindy said kissing him on the mouth.

"What do you say you drop you shorts and let me get another look at your fantastic cock?" Cindy asked.

Dan stood up and dropped his shorts. Standing up his cock was right in Cindy's face so she moved forward and took it in her mouth. Sucking just on the head, flicking her tongue across making Dan moan.

"That feels great, but I would really love to fuck you sweet pussy" Dan told her "Let's move over to the bed."

Dan stood Cindy up and lead her over to the bed. Cindy pushed him down onto the bed and climbed straddle of his cock. Her pussy was so wet and hot Dan had a moment where he thought he would cum right there, but got control of himself. As Cindy started riding up and down his cock he was lifting his hips to meet her movements thrusting his cock deep inside her pussy.

"Yes, that's it fuck me. Fuck me with you hard cock!" Cindy moaned as she pulled the nightie up and over her head. Her bare breast were there dancing in Dan's face, sitting up pulling her to him he took each nipple into his mouth sucking from one to the other while continuing to thrust his cock into her hot cunt.

Rolling her over onto her back still with one nipple in his mouth he thurst deep inside her causing Cindy to cry out in pleasure. Releasing her nipple Dan pushed her legs up until her knees were almost resting on her shoulders. Then he started with fast hard thrust into her pussy. Already his crotch had been covered with her juices that flowed out as she sat straddle of his cock, but now the smacking sound of her wet pussy was starting to drive him over the edge.

'Fuck me, fuck me faster. Stick you cock deeper inside me. Fucking make me cum' Cindy was screaming. So Dan did just what was asked fucking her as hard and fast as he could he could tell by her breathing and the clenching of her pussy she was close to orgasm.

"That's it deeper, stick your cock in my hot pussy" Cindy was whispering in his ear as she pulled herself close to him. "I going to fucking cum" she said as Dan felt the warm gush of her orgasm against him.

"I'm really close to cumming too" Dan told her as he continued fucking her hard and fast. He could feel his balls getting tight ready to release his load.

"Pull you cock out and cum in my mouth!" Cindy said, so pulling his cock from her pussy Dan shoved it into her waiting hungry mouth just as the first stream of cum shot out. Sucking on his cock Cindy drank down every last drop of his cum.

Laying next to each other on the bed totally exhausted Cindy turned to him and said "Could I ask a favor of you?"

"Sure" Dan said.

"I have to go out of town tomorrow, could you keep and eye on Penny for me. I told her she could have some friends over to swim, but that she was suppose to stay home until I got back" Cindy said.

"No problem, I would be happy to keep an eye on her" Dan said smiling to himself wondering if Penny was also one of the "fringe benefits" that came with the apartment.

Dan woke up to sunlight streaming in the window. He must have slept later than planned, which was not a surprise after the workout of fucking Cindy had put him through last night. He smiled to himself as he remember plunging his cock into her soaking wet pussy. Ummm,just the thought of it was making his cock hard. Then a sound broke through his fantasy, it was the sound of teenage girls squealing and laughing. Penny, he thought as he got up and walked to the window overlooking the pool.

What he saw when he looked out took him a little by surprise, but it was a pleasant one. there in the pool were Penny and another young girl with short curly black hair. They were both topless, their firm young breasts with their perky upturned nipples were glistening in the sun. Just the sight of them brought Dan's cock to full attention. they seemed to be standing very close and seemed to be helping each other balance as the giggled and squirmed around in the water. "What are they doing?" Dan wondered, but no sooner than the question cross his mine when he had his answer. Up out of the water popped a young teenage boy, then Dan was thinking about what he was doing under the water to make them squirm. The boy leaned over and kissed the dark haired girl deep on the mouth, then leaned over and did the same to Penny. Then the girls leaned together and started kissing even more passionate then with the boy. Penny reached up and fondled the girls breast as their tongues tangled together. All Dan could think was that he needed a better view. He knew he couldn't go down there he didn't want the action to stop. So he went and got a small pair of binoculars he had in his back pack. Coming back to the window he opened it just a little so he would be able to hear some of what was going on.

Looking back down at the pool Penny and the girl were walking to the edge to get out. The girl climbed the stairs ahead of Penny and with each step up Dan began to realize they were not just topless but naked all together. As she turned to face Penny Dan took a good look at the young body in front of him. Small breast, but firm and round with large nipples. Smooth flat stomach leading down to an almost hairless pussy it only had a dark strip of hair left on top.

As Penny was emerging from the water Dan noticed she had no tan lines which told him she often laid out here in the nude. Her sweet heart shaped ass was now out of the water and when she turned toward the pool he saw she had a well groomed mound of red hair covering her pussy. Dan enjoyed a nice hairy pussy if it was well groomed he always felt like he was opening up a special present as he spread the lips to reveal the juice pink inside.

Penny walked over to the girl took her by the hand leading her over to the large wooden lounge chair that was the size of a twin bed. Penny pulled the girl to her giving her a long passionate kiss. Their hands started to explore each others bodies, first touching each others breasts then Penny’s hand slide down the other girls shaved pussy. Dan could see her fingers disappear inside the folds of the girl’s pussy and he heard the girl give a little cry of pleasure.

Penny laid the girl back on the lounge chair still kissing and touching. At this point the boy in the pool came up beside them to watch. The boy said something to Penny Dan could not hear but the answer he got was loud and clear "I will tell you when it is your turn!" Penny said loudly. The boy just stepped back as Penny continued to kiss and tease the girl. Penny now was sucking her nipples and working her way to the girl’s pussy. Now between her legs Penny began licking the girl’s pussy. Spreading her pussy lips apart running her tongue from top to bottom. Sliding two fingers inside her cunt hole while sucking her clit. The girl was going wild wiggling and squealing with pleasure.

Then Penny told the boy who was standing to the side stroking his cock "Come over and let her suck your cock." and he did what he was told coming over and the girl took his cock in her mouth. Penny was definitely in charge here and Dan liked it. He liked a woman who knew how to take charge and was surprised with a girl so young doing so. Watching all this going on had him so hard so he reached down and started to stroke his cock. He did it slow because he wanted to last until they were done.

From the bucking of the girls hips Dan could tell Penny was about to make her cum. She had released the boys cock from her mouth and was screaming "I'm going to cum"

"Do it baby" the boy told her returning to stroking his own cock.

Penny continued to plunge her fingers into the girl’s pussy licking her the entire time. When the girl stopped bucking and Penny finish licking up all her juices from her pussy Penny instructed the girl to get up and the boy to lie down on his back. She then told the girl to climb on to his cock which she was more than happy to do. Penny just stood for a moment watching the girl ride up and down the boys cock, grinding her pussy into his crotch each time she came down making the boy moan even louder.

"Don't you dare cum until I tell you too" Penny ordered the boy.

Then Penny climbed straddle of his face, pressing her wet pussy to his lips and telling him to start licking. Penny was facing the girl fondling her breast as she rode the cock.

"Are you close to cumming again?" Penny asked the girl

"Yes, very close. Are you close?" the girl asked Penny

"Yes" Penny told her

"I'm close too" Dan thought watching them, hoping they would cum soon because he couldn't last much longer.

"I'm cumming" Penny said grinding her pussy onto the boys face.

"Me too" the girl said

As they both finished then Penny told the boy "Ok it is your turn to cum" and both of the girls positioned their mouths over the boys cock waiting for him to shoot his load. As he did and they were both licking and sucking it up Dan felt his balls give way and he shot his load all over the window letting out a very loud "Fuck yes" as he did it. Only Penny seemed to have heard him because she looked up to the window and saw him standing there with his cock in his hand and simply smiled at him.

Later that night there was a quiet knock on Dan's door. Opening the door he found Penny standing there. She was wearing nothing, but a white mesh swimsuit cover-up. Dan could clearly see her firm perky breasts and mound of blond pussy hair. She came into the apartment and took a seat on the couch with her legs slightly spread.

"So did you enjoy the show today?" Penny asked

"Did you know that I would be watching?" Dan asked

"No, but I am glad you did, so I don't have to pretend anymore." Penny told him. "Have you fucked Cindy yet?" Penny asked. "Don't act so shocked, this is her game when she is in between boyfriends she will rent the apartment to a hot guy or girl and she has some fun with them, but I get to have fun too." Penny told him

"Well in that case, yes we fucked last night and after today I would love to fuck you too" Dan told her. Moving over on the couch next to her, he leaned in to kiss her. Her mouth was warm, wet and tasted of tequila. "Have you been drinking?" Dan asked

"Don't worry I know what I am doing." Penny said as she reached out to grasp his cock under his shorts.

That is all Dan needed as he reached under her cover-up to find her pussy. First stroking his hand over her smooth hairy mound then running a finger along her slit and as he shoved his finger inside her she let out a little gasp.

"Let's move over to the bed." Penny whispered in his ear. They both got up and stripped on the short walk to the bed. As Penny laid back on the bed Dan stopped for a moment to admire her perfect body. He took both breast in his hands sucking each nipple in turn. Then he started to work his way down to her pussy he just had to taste her sweet young juices. Spreading her pussy open and seeing the little pink jewel of her clit almost sent him over the edge and in sank down and started sucking on it.

"Turn around I want to suck you cock while you eat me" Penny told him and he did just that, he wanted her young mouth filled up with his cock.

He bent back down putting his face back in her pussy, he started to slide his fingers into her hole as he sucked her clit. Her mouth around his cock felt so good.

Then the door to the apartment opened and Cindy walked in. Dan stopped what he was doing he wasn't sure what to think.

"Well it seems I got back just in time" Cindy said and started to undress.

Dan realized that Penny never stopped sucking his cock so he went back to tonguing her sweet pussy. Cindy came by and touched Penny's thigh very close to Dan's mouth then moving her hand in slid her fingers up Penny's cunt, when she pulled them out Dan could see they were covered with Penny's juices. Cindy walked around and Dan felt her hands on is ass. He remembered the other day when she had fingered his ass using her own juices, but now she was going to use her daughters.

Dan felt her hands on his ass sliding into his crack, but then both hands gently spread his ass checks then he felt her tongue. First she circled around his hole then lightly started to jab her tongue in the hole. Fuck if she kept this up, he was going to cum in Penny's mouth for sure. Her tongue felt like it was all the way up his ass now licking and sucking his hole and with Penny's mouth and hands working his cock he couldn't take it any longer.

"Fuck I'm going to cum" Dan moaned

"Cum, cum right in this dirty little slut's mouth" Cindy said as now she had a finger up Dan's ass which was more than he could take and he felt the first stream of cum leave his cock and shoot in to Penny's mouth. Penny continued to suck him until he was totally empty.

Dan rolled off and looking up he saw Cindy lean down and kiss Penny on the mouth their tongues mingling together with Dan's cum.

"Umm, he tastes good doesn't he momma" Penny said

"Yes, he does." Cindy said.

"Now we might have to give him a few minutes before he is able to fuck up both. Why don't you go get the toy box?" Cindy told Penny

"Toy box?" Dan asked

"Yes, we like to keep a few things to have a little fun here in the apartment" Cindy explained to Dan as Penny came back with a small tool box. When she opened the box it was filled with all manner of sex toys, dildos, vibrators, cock rings and some things Dan had never seen before.

Penny took out a large double head dildo and asked "Can we play with this until Dan is ready?"

"Yes, that is a good idea. I think watching will be just the ticket to get Dan hard again" Cindy said.

So Penny and Cindy laid down on the bed next to Dan and started kissing each other. Dan could not believe this was for really, how lucky was he to have found this apartment. Then the girls were fondling each others breasts and taking turns sucking each others nipples. Dan could feel his cock start to come back to life.

Then Cindy stood up on her knees and placed one end of the dildo up her pussy. Penny leaned forward and started moving the dildo in and out of her mother's pussy. Then Cindy pushed Penny back on the bed positioning the other in of the dildo and sliding it into Penny's waiting cunt. Then she started to fuck her, pumping the dildo in and out both of the pressing their hips towards the other fucking each other.

Dan's cock was back up at full attention watching this mother and daughter fuck each other with this dildo between them. Moaning and grabbing each others breast, kissing each other on the mouth. Dan reached in and started to fondle first Penny's breasts then Cindy's.

"Do you want to fuck my daughter?" Cindy asked Dan

"Yes, yes I do very much." Dan told her

"Ok she is all yours' Cindy said as she pulled the dildo from Penny's pussy and Dan took her place between Penny's legs.

As Dan looked down at the young girls face she said "Fuck me hard". Dan plunged his cock into her pussy. Her pussy was so wet and tight it felt like a velvet vice on his cock. Cindy came a straddled Penny's face, turned facing Dan so she could watch as his cock plunged into her young daughters pussy.

"Harder Dan she can take it she likes it hard" Cindy told him.

Dan pushed Penny's legs up much like he had done her mother the night before. Pounding his cock into her pussy. He could feel his balls slapping against her as with each stroke of his cock. Cindy got up and was over in the toy box looking for something. Dan couldn't think about her he as too intense on fucking this girl senseless.

"Fuck me harder" Penny cried out.

Dan continued to pound his cock into her pussy. Then Cindy seemed to have found what she was looking for in the toy box and was coming back to the bed. Dan again felt her hand on his ass and her fingers again finding his asshole, but now it felt like she was apply lube to his ass. He couldn't think straight all he could do was continue to fuck this beautiful young girl.

Then he felt it, this was not a finger Cindy was now pressing into his ass.

"Just relax and keep fucking her" Cindy whispered

The dildo hurt as it worked it's way up Dan's ass, but he some how managed to never miss a beat with his pounding in Penny's pussy. Cindy was now working it in and out of his ass in rhythm with his strokes.

"I'm going to cum!" Penny screamed and with that Cindy quickened her assault on Dan's ass and within seconds Dan was ready to cum.

"Oh fuck I'm cumming" Dan said as he pulled his cock free of Penny's pussy and found Cindy's waiting mouth to take him in. Cindy sucked his cum out as well as sucking her daughter pussy juice clean of his cock.

They all three collapsed on the bed exhausted.

"Well Dan now that I see you are willing to help around the house I am willing to knock some off the rent." Cindy told him. "As long as you keep us serviced you can stay as long as you want"

"I will be your toy as long as you want to play" Dan said with a smile.

-the end-

The Life of Megan

Sighing, Megan gets out of her car and locks it, as she walks up the path to her house. Unlocking the door, she walks in, kicks her shoes off, and throws her keys onto the table there by the door. Turning, she shuts the door and locks it.

Having just turned 20, Megan already had her own house and a good paying job. Yet, she still couldn't find someone to satisfy her nightly hunger for sex. It's not that they didn't want her, she just didn't want them. She stood five foot four inches, with long flowing black hair and green eyes. Her slender figure and 34B sized tits, just the perfect handful, was the fantasy of every man who laid eyes on her.

After closing the blinds on the main level, Megan makes her way up the stairs to her room, stripping out of her work pants and shirt on the way. Walking into her bedroom in only her matching black lacey bra and thong, she walks over to her bedside table and opens the drawer, pulling out her trusty sex toys that got her off every night.

At an early age, she had started playing with her clit and fingers her pussy, quickly upgrading to using whatever she could find around the house. From her ice cubes to give her pussy a tingling sensation, to her brush handle for deep penetration, and everything in between. Once she had turned 18, the first thing she had done was head for the nearest sex shop and bought her her own toys, which she still had and used today.

Walking over to the TV, she turns it on and pops in her favorite porn movie. The one that always made her pussy dripping wet. Walking back over to her bed, Megan lies down and watches the TV, waiting for her favorite part to come on that always made her wet.

Reaching down, she starts to rub her clit through her thong, imagining that the girl in the movie was her, and the guy's hand was rubbing her clit instead of hers. Next, she moves her thong aside and grabs her 8 inch vibe and turns it on low, rubbing it up and down her pussy, pretending it was the cock of her lover.

For the next half hour, Megan does everything that happens on the porno, from every thrust and cry of pleasure, to every orgasm. Knowing her favorite part was coming; Megan sits up in the bed and buries her vibe deep in her pussy, so she can ride it during her favorite seen.

The video jumps from a girl getting pounded by two cocks, one in her pussy and one in her ass, to a dark basement with a girl tied up, doggy style.

She was bent over a bench with her hands and feet tied to each leg and a ball gag in her mouth. In walks a man dressed in all black, with a black ski mask on, to give the allure of danger and suspense. Megan's ultimate fantasy was to be tied up and used as a play thing for a man's pleasure.

The guy on the video pulls on the ropes tying the girl down; to make sure she wouldn't get away and leaves the screen. A few minutes later he comes back with a, 3 year old, Great Dane and Megan starts to rock back and forth on her vibe knowing what was to come.

The guy pats the girl's back and the Dane jumps up mounting his bitch. After giving a few heartfelt thrusts the Dane's cock finds its mark and buries deep into the girl's waiting pussy. Feeling the Dane's cock thrust deep into her in a single thrust, the girl cries out in shock around the gag in her mouth. Her pussy never having been so full of cock, let alone dog cock.

As the dog continues to fuck his bitch with powerful thrusts, the guy walks around to the front of the girl and drops his jeans. Moving closer to her, he pulls the gag out of her mouth and thrusts his cock down her throat. The girl chokes and struggles to suck on his cock without throwing up. The girl's hot mouth on his cock drives him crazy, grabbing fistfuls of her hair he starts to thrust against her mouth, his thrust in time with the dogs, but the dog having three thrusts for his everyone.

Moaning, Megan pulls the vibe out of the pussy and slides it into her ass. Reaching over she grabs a 10 inch vibe and slides it into her pussy. Groaning at the feeling of being full, she starts to rock back and forth on the two cocks while she pinches and rubs her clit, knowing the guy and the dog on the video were both about to cum.

The dog gives a soft bark and the girl gasps around the guys cock, as the Dane unloads shot after shot of his hot doggy cum into the girls soaked pussy. Watching the dog cum drives the guy over the edge and he cums as well, down the girl’s throat, making her gag on his cum as she is forced to swallow it.

Megan watches as the dog turns around to be ass to ass with the girl. The camera zooms in on the girl's pussy so the dog and her tied together could be seen. This is the last straw and causes Megan to go over the edge. She cries out in ecstasy as she orgasms, her body shaking as ripple after ripple of pleasure shoots through her.

After orgasming for five minutes straight, Megan slides the toys from her body and shuts the TV off. She washes the toys, puts them away and gets into the shower, wondering when and if she would every find someone who would be into the same things she was. Finishing her shower, she dries off and heads to bed, there was no need to wear anything to bed when she lived alone. Lying down, she covers up and falls asleep, dreaming of the day she had had, and dreaming of the day to come.

-the end-

A Video for Daddy

Molly sat on a bed in the middle of a crowded room, the soft sheets rubbing nicely against her exposed skin. A dainty finger twirled one of her extremely blond pigtails as she waited for the camera to begin rolling. Truthfully, she was nervous, but she needed the money and knew that the role would be easy enough to play.

Wrapped around her small waist was a tight pair of black shorts, her pert ass sticking out as her stilettos stretched the muscles of her legs. Ready to pop off her upper half was a shirt that barely concealed her hanging breasts.

“Ready to go?” the director asked her passively, his attention directed only at her for that moment.

The barely legal girl nodded her head before waiting for the camera to roll. Butterflies were floating in her stomach as she hoped she could be a good actress. This was her first time doing anything sexual on camera, but she still wanted to make it a good porno.

She watched the director’s muscles twitch as the camera’s red light turned on. “So you’re daddy’s little girl huh? How old are you sweetie?”

“My name is Molly and I’m 18,” she giggled, her large blue eyes twinkling with mischief. “I’ve always been a daddy’s girl! I think about him every time I rub my little pussy.”

Some guys behind the camera were grinning as they watched Molly twirl her hair around her dainty fingers, her white teeth teasingly biting on her pink lower lip. Even the director was smiling at her now. “And have you seen your daddy’s cock?” he asked her with a smirk.

Molly gasped at his use of the word ‘cock’ and felt herself blush furiously. She readjusted herself on the bed so her moistening slit would feel the pressure of the mattress beneath her. “I have seen it,” she said meekly. “I used to see it when he was in the shower when I was a little girl. He’s huge!”

Her flirtatious giggle echoed throughout the room as she became aware of her hardening nipples. It was a matter of seconds before the rest of the room became aware of them as well.

“It looks like you’ve got some hard nipples baby. Why don’t you show us how you play for daddy?” the director suggested.

The teenager bit her lip in thought. “Well,” she considered as her hands slipped up her sides to the curve of her swollen breasts, “I suppose that I could show you how I play.” Other men in the room laughed softly when Molly flashed a flirty wink.

Her manicured nails scraped against the sensitive nub through her clothes, a silent gasp ignited from the touch. “Looks like daddy’s little girl likes to play with her nipples,” commented one of the camera men that were placed around the bed she was performing on.

Molly laughed along with the guys while her fingers pulled and twisted at her hard tips. For a few minutes she filled the room with her throat moans, her fingers still flicking the hard tips of her nipples.

“Mmm,” she giggled, her eyes meeting the cameraman’s gaze through the lens. “I think I need to take my top off,” she suggested with raised eyebrows. The shirt was discarded in the matter of seconds, her top now bare of any barriers.

“Just look at them tits,” another cameraman sighed as he watched her with intent. Her full breasts bounced lightly as she continued to manipulate her dark brown nubs, her areola perfectly topping the center of her smooth chest.

She couldn’t help but laugh that she had made a man who’d seen so many nice tits get mesmerized by her own pair. “Do you wanna see a trick?” she asked, her hands now massaging the large bags of her flesh. Without waiting for an answer, Molly lifted her swollen tit and ran her tongue against the surface of her nipple.

“Oh yeah baby! Lick your nipples Molly, just like that!” encouraged the director excitedly, his own cock beginning to tingle. Molly eagerly sucked her hard nipple into her pink lips, her flicking tongue making her pussy juice dampen her tight shorts.

As she hungrily sucked her own tit, Molly’s other nipple was being teased by her slim fingertips. Her saliva coated her prickled skin, her red nub distended from her creamy globe and rubbed back and forth on the roof of her mouth.

The moan she let reverberate around her nipple made her pussy tighten and soak her panties with a fresh wave of her juices.

“Ooh daddy!” Molly moaned longingly as her mouth went to attach to her other nipple. Her neglected nipple now being bathed with her tongue, Molly let her hand travel down her fit torso to the waist of her shorts. “I wish my daddy was here to lick my pussy,” she gasped as her head flew up to look at the camera. This time she had the look of a lust-crazed slut in her eyes.

“Do you wanna see my tight pussy daddy?” she whispered coyly into the camera. Giving the men only enough time to nod, Molly stood up and pulled the hips of her shorts down with a tease. “But daddy,” she whined softly, “you can’t see my naked pussy! If I show you, you have to promise not to tell mommy!”

She rolled the rest of her shorts over her slim legs and turned around to wiggle her pert ass at the camera. With a loud slap, Molly’s hand planted itself on her bare bottom, a pink hand print waking in its place when she removed her hand.

When she leaned over the edge of the bed, Molly presented a beautiful view of her smooth pussy lips and shapely ass. The cameras went within an inch of her pussy to see the folds of her glistening pussy, a small stream of nectar beginning to slide down her inner thigh.

“Oh that’s beautiful baby,” the director commented breathlessly, the strain against his pants beginning to ache. A stronger throb began when Molly stepped out of her shorts to get on her hands on knees on the bed, her legs separated so her wet cunt was spread out in front of the camera perfectly.

Her slim hand slid underneath her and went to massage her aching clit. Loud slapping noises could be heard from every part of the room as her fingers sawed in and out of her slippery hole.

“Oh yes daddy! Oh fuck daddy, pound my pussy hard with your fat fucking cock!” Molly begged as she pounded her pussy with quick, short thrusts. “Oh fuck yeah, get inside my tight little cunt. Mmmm!”

Her moans turned to sharp screams as her soft walls began to spasm around her slamming fingers, her pussy juice tapering down her thighs. Her shaking hips jiggled the rounded flesh of her ass as she buried her face into the duvet of the bed, muffling her screams.

The men watching her now had raging hard-ons, the scent of her arousal making them want to shove their cocks deep into her pussy. Her flying fingers stretched her open pussy wider as she fingered herself through the sexual height of her climax. Her pussy lips were visibly flexing over her fingers, the soft pink of her inner folds glistening at every angle.

More girl cum was flowing from her velvety depths when she decided to lay on her back, her fingers still working themselves into her horny pussy.

“Mmm I love thinking about coming over my daddy’s cock,” Molly cooed sexily at the cameras. Her tits gently bounced as her fingers worked in and out of her tight hole, her nipples still hard pebbles.

It was then that the director asked her if she wanted a vibrator for her to bounce on. She heartily agreed and mounted the vibrating cock, her shins bearing the weight of her body. Slowly, her pussy enveloped the vibrator, her lips splitting to take the length of the plastic. Her breasts bounced as she gently began to ride the vibrator, the sensations in her pussy making her pant with horniness. She wanted to come again. This time, she wanted to soak the duvet with her juices.

“Oh yeah daddy let me ride your fat cock! Fuck my pussy feels so damn good… Oh shit, I’m thinking about my daddy pulling me onto his cock by my hips!” Molly laughed with a wicked smile plastered on her face as she continued to bounce in front of the cameras.

By now, many of the camera men had unzipped their pants to stroke their hard cocks in time with her bounces. Her tits went up and down with every roll of her hips and she latched onto one of her nipples with her suckling mouth.

With both of her hard nipples being stimulated and every nook of her pussy filled with a vibrator, Molly howled against her nipple with the loom of a new orgasm building inside her.

She slammed up and down the vibrating cock and stared at the circle jerk that was happening in front of her. The moans that the men were making were making her extremely hot, her pussy still full of plastic cock, and she kept imagining her father watching her masturbate like she was.

One loud cry screamed out of her throat as her pussy erupted with juices. Her eyes shut tightly, “OH FUCK DADDY! COME IN YOUR LITTLE GIRL’S PUSSY! I’M COMING ON YOUR FAT FUCKING COCK DADDY! OH SHIT!”

Her shaking body fell back onto the bed, her spasms still racking her form. More juices left her trembling slit as she writhed on the bed mercilessly. When she came down from her high, Molly pulled the insertion out of her hole and brought it to her lips. Her pink tongue licked her juices off the plastic dick as the cameras shut off one by one.

-the end-

Caught in the Pool

The water in the pool felt good against the warm air of summer, the girl’s skin sticky from a long day’s work outside. She had been trying to find a job for months before she finally got one at the local store’s gardening center. Because she had to stand in the sun all day long and her pool was out of order, she figured that she could take up her neighbor’s offer. He knew that her family didn’t have the money to fix their empty pool and graciously offered his pool to their service, but only if there were no guests in the house.

Ann knew that people were coming in a few days from France and was happy that she could have the pool to herself. Her parents had told her that the French travelers were going to be coming soon and the 17-year-old decided that she had to enjoy the water while she could. So, she had pulled her bikini on and headed to the water.

Back and forth, she swam, her mind filled with thoughts of her life: her recent break-up, her job, her parents constantly fighting. Minutes went by before she heard a large truck pulling into the streets nearby. Ann shrugged it off and figured that the shuttle was just dropping off the older members of the community that couldn’t drive. She kept swimming, her arms dipping in and out of the water with precise strokes.

With another length swum, Ann was startled to see the back door open to a tall, skinny man with dark hair and eyes. A couple girls and another guy stood behind the stranger, all looking rather good to Ann, all staring at her strangely.

“We are staying here,” the first stranger said, his French accent apparent in his broken English. All Ann could do was freeze and stare in shock at the strange people in front of her. She hurriedly made her way out of the pool, apologizing for her presence. The heat from her blushing cheeks added more to her embarrassment as she fumbled with her words and sandals. Turning back around, she felt her breath get stuck in her throat: the stranger closest to her looked exactly like her most recent ex and his muscles were ripped underneath his shirt.

Just the sight of his muscles sent a tingling through the deepest depths of her pussy. Ann blushed deeper as she noticed his dark eyes looking her up and down. She made her way to go, but was invited inside for a drink. Her awakening pussy persuaded her to accept the invitation and made her way into the house.

Hours went by, the sun finally settling below the mountains, as the group talked and laughed. Pocket pool, game consoles, and drinks kept them amused as Ann’s tingling cunt kept her swimsuit bottoms wet.

Booze kept the travelers smiling and laughing as the night went on, the girls shooting glances at Ann every so often. Ann’s eyes rarely left the man who looked so much like her ex; his name, she had learned, was Jack. The other guy, blond hair and green eyes, was known as Tyler and the girls, both with black curls, were Janice and Ally.

Jack flirted with Ann, had his arm wrapped around her waist, kissing her temple every now and then. The feel of having his lips on her temple hardened her nipples of her pert breasts, her breath quickening ever so slightly with each plant of his lips. She was engrossed with talking to Jack on the couch when she heard Ally moan.

Ann turned around and gaped at the sight in front of her, the tingling in her pussy strengthening to electricity. Ally was sitting on the burgundy pool table, her slim legs opened wide as Janice’s fingers were digging deep inside her open pussy, their mouths dancing as Janice’s other hand was playing with Ally’s sagging breast. Only a few feet away from them was Tyler , stroking his hard cock as he watched the girls intently. Pre-cum glistened on his long cock as he fisted his girth with slow strokes.

Nimble fingers on her hardened nipples shocked Ann as she turned to Jack, his bulge apparent through the loose khakis he was wearing. Without hesitation, Ann placed her hand on his covered cock and stroked him through the fabric as his tongue swiped across her lips. She opened her mouth and the two shared their tongues, their hands still busy with each other’s bodies. Jack’s pinching fingers made Ann moan into his mouth, her moan making his hard dick twitch excitedly.

Her fingers unzipped Jack’s pants and had pulled his length out of his pants, her pussy hot and moist as she heard Ally’s moans turn into small screams of satisfaction. Ann squirmed with anticipation as her hand pumped up and down, spreading the single drop of pre-cum around the tip with her thumb. Jack shivered at her touch and bit her lip as he gently pushed her back onto the pool table.

Jack lifted her young body onto the table’s edge and ran his hands up Ann’s white thighs, stopping as his finger tips gently brushing against the beginning of her swimsuit. Ann’s free hand wrapped around her partner’s neck as her other arm propped her up.

On the other side of the table, Ally was being pounded by Tyler ’s long cock. Janice had her wet pussy rubbing across her girlfriend’s face as she fed her nipple to Tyler , loving how hard he suckled her tit. All three were moaning, close to orgasm when Ally covered Tyler ’s cock with her cum. The scent of Ally’s sweet pussy juice made Ann stroke Jack’s cock harder, her other hand fondling his balls.

Jack pumped into her hand as he nibbled and sucked on her neck. His fingers brushed down between her legs to rest on her covered pussy lips, the wetness evident to him as Ann felt his hard meat thicken with cum. Ann moaned, urging Jack to sink his fingers into her waiting snatch. He smirked as he pushed his fingers deep into her cunt, his fingers pushing her swimsuit into her hole.

Ann pressed her body into his and bite into his shoulder, the smallest taste of blood touching her tongue. His fingers pumped in and out of her tight pussy as his teeth buried into her neck. Her hips were pushing back and forth to get his fingers deeper inside her. The cloth of her swimsuit rubbed across her velvety inner walls and she curled her toes as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

He untied her swim suit and aimed his cock at her gaping cunt, her wetness glistening on her slit. Ann writhed in pleasure as she felt his head tapping lightly on her clit before sinking into her depths. His hips slowly worked his length inside her hot, tight cunt and soon pounded her forcefully, his cock almost popping out of her hole before he pushed to her cervix.

Soft screams echoed in the house as Ann and Janice were being pounded away like bitches in heat. Ally held her cum-filled hole above Ann as she feasted on Janice’s big, hard nipples. For the first time in her life, Ann was face-to-face with a dripping pussy. With hesitation, Ann stuck out her tongue to lick the spread pussy lips presented to her. Pussy juice and Tyler ’s cum saturated her tongue and forced her to dive into Ally’s muff with gusto.

Ann’s mouth stuck onto Ally’s exposed mound and flicked her tongue over Ally’s hard clit. Her tongue slithered in and out of Ally’s pussy as she sucked on her whole mound, Ann’s own cunt getting filled with cock. Ann’s wet pussy slapped against Jack’s hips as his balls bumped against her tight ass.

Jack fucked Ann hard, her juices splattering against his skin as he watched her eat Ally’s pussy. His hands left Ann’s hips to stick two fingers up Ally’s wide ass, his other hand gripping one of Ann’s tits. Ally’s ass hugged Jack’s finger as he pumped in and out of her, his fingers matching the pumps of his cock.

A hot load was in his cock, ready to shoot deep inside Ann’s pussy. Jack jammed his fingers deep into Ally’s ass as he forced his cock head into Ann’s cervix. As white cum painted the inside of Ann’s womb, her pussy convulsed around his fat dick and soaked him with her own cum. Ann rode her orgasm with her face covered by a wet pussy, getting a face full of girl cum covering her lips. She swallowed the last of Tyler ’s cum from Ally’s cunt and swallowed the mix happily.

Tyler groaned as he pumped Janice full of cum, her tit deep in his mouth. Ally moved Ann off Jack’s cock and held her ass open for him. Jack spit on Ally’s ass and shoved his cock into her hole, his fist digging Ally’s horny pussy.

Ann could only stare at the group of fucking animals for a short minute before Tyler planted his lips on hers. He worked his tongue down her neck and around her stiffened nipples. With Tyler greedily feasting on her pert tits, Ann enjoyed his massaging hands on her ass cheeks. Her reverie was broken as she felt his finger sliding up her virgin ass. His finger buried deep in her anus as he brought his young slut down on his hard dick, Janice’s cum helping Ann’s pussy slide easily onto his cock.

The 17-year-old was hefted against the walls as the traveler pounded into her used pussy, her cunt crying out with pleasure. From the wall Ann saw the girls eating each other’s pussies out, Ally taking Jack’s hot cock in her tight ass. The sight shook Ann as her nails scratched down Tyler ’s strong back, marks clearly visible on his skin.

Once he felt his cock drenched in her juices, Tyler pulled out of Ann’s cunt and thrust inside her ass. Ann’s eyes welled up in pain as he fucked her relentlessly, his tongue still licking her hard nipples. The pleasure she was getting from her spit-bathed nipples eased her pain until it completely disappeared.

“Pound my ass. Oh yeah, fuck my ass!” Ann cried out for him as she felt her pussy pulsing uncontrollably: she was close to coming hard again and she knew that he was close to filling her ass with cum. Tyler let Ann’s ass take every last inch of his horny cock and shot 6 ropes of thick, white cum. His lips sucked her tit hungrily and sent her throbbing pussy into overdrive, her cum soaking his skin.

He laid her back on the table and pulled out of her hole with a pop. Janice got out from under Ally’s body and went to suck Tyler ’s cum out of Ann’s tired pussy. Ann cried out as her back went rigid, she had never had a girl eat her pussy before and she was enjoying it. The soft licks on her red pussy soothed her as she felt another mini-orgasm building within her cunt.

Janice only latched onto Ann’s pussy long enough to suck out Tyler ’s cum before going to get the hot sperm from the source. Her mouth bobbed up and down Tyler ’s thick cock as Ann made her way out of the house as quietly as she could: she was running around naked, but she was not willing to grab her swimsuit just in case the travelers started to fuck her again.

Ann ran to her house with cum running down her leg before heading straight into the shower, not even seeing her neighbors looking at her with lust.

-the end-

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Great Mom

I am a divorced mom; I have three teenage kids, two sons and a daughter whom all live with me. I guess the seeds for my ....relationship were always around. When the kids were young I would always let them see me naked, whether I was in the tub or in my room changing. I never thought anything of it, then.

It all started when I 'caught' my high school aged sons jacking off. I never, at first, walked in on either one doing it. One day I had gone up to my oldest sons room, Ryan, he had left the door open just a bit, I peeked in and saw him lying naked on his bed. He was holding a magazine on his lap, just in front of his cock but I could see the motion his arm and hand stroking his prick. The same thing happened with my younger son, Hunter, only I saw him in the bathroom by looking at his reflection in the mirror. I never said anything to either of them; it is, after all, only natural for guys to jack-off; especially with teenage boy’s. I kinda of thought it was cute and funny.

After a couple of weeks I noticed something odd, they were always using the same exact magazine and they never turned the pages, they always seemed to jack off to the same picture; from what I saw as I would watch them. One day while all the kids were over their fathers’ house, I decided to find their magazine. It took me quite a while, they had it very well hidden. It was a regular nudie magazine, just looking at the cover. I decided to flip through it, curiosity I guess I wanted to see if I could figure out which woman had their lustful attention. There were a lot of attractive women in it. I noticed one the pages in the middle was different then the others so I turned to that page. My jaw dropped at what I saw. It was an 8 x 10 picture of me! They had found one of my risqué pictures I had taken for their father, my ex. It was myself in some sexy lingerie, you could not see my nipples or my pussy but it was still provocative. I could see some dried cum stains on my picture!

At first I was extremely angry and I felt humiliated and violated. I was about to tear the picture out but suddenly my horniness and lust took over. I suddenly thought to myself, here they had a magazine with all these hot, naked women and they were jacking off like crazy to a picture of their mom in clothes! Guys always tell me I am hot, I am 5’ 1”, 100 lbs., long blonde hair with 34C tits (which look bigger on my body frame) and I have large nipples. I never thought of myself as a hot mom! The more I thought about my sons thinking about me, thinking about fucking me or knowing teenage guys, thinking about me sucking their cocks, and shooting their wad’s over my picture, it really got my incestuous lust going. I had to do something, I just didn’t know what. So I decided to put the magazine back and not say anything to them....just yet.

A couple of day's after my sons came back from spending the weekend with their father, as I suspected my sons would be back to beating off to "me". I purposely made sure my sons had no time alone...time to jack off, I wanted them to suffer for a bit; which I enjoyed. I could see them walking around with raging hard-ons and not being able to take care of it must have been a torture to them. I was down in my office, my office is in my home, I noticed Ryan had gone upstairs for awhile. I stopped and just listened, I heard his TV was on, so I knew he must be stroking his cock like wild man. I quietly made my way upstairs and slowly turned the knob on his door. I opened the door just enough to peek in and sure enough; my son was going at his cock like there was no tomorrow. He had that damn magazine in front of his cock, I suddenly wanted to see my sons’ erect cock, I really had a desire to see his cum spurting out of it, especially knowing it was all for me, his hot mom. He was moaning away, I heard him say "Oh yeah, oh fuck mom, yeah do it." Standing there in the hall, just imagining what he was thinking about pushed me over the edge. I decided it was time to take some action.

I opened the door and walked right into his room. My son freaked. "Oh shit! Mom! Oh NO!" He quickly closed the magazine and tried to stuff it under his bed. I could not believe how good his red, wet prick looked. I liked how he didn't even think of covering up first. All my son was worried about was hiding that magazine, hmmm I wonder why. As I thought of that, I smiled. "Please Ryan, I have seen your cock before, when you were young." Still in shock he just lied there and put his hands over his shaft. "Why didn't you knock!" I sat down on the bed next to him. "What are you doing mom? Get out!" "Don’t be embarrassed son. Every guy masturbates." I glanced down at his crouch hoping to see his cock up close, no luck so I reached for the magazine. "Can I look at this. I want to see what woman has my sons lust." He quickly took his hands off his cock and grabbed the magazine out of my hand. "NO! Please don’t look at it...there is nobody in there in particular."
"Ok, ok Ryan...I will let it be your fantasy woman." Now did get a great look at my sons cock. It was about 7 or so inches long, red/purple, covered in pre-cum. Part of me wanted to bend over right there and slide his prick into my mouth but I couldn't do it. "Stop looking at my dick mom." "Why? There is nothing to be embarrassed of; it is a very good size. I think your fantasy woman would be happy with it" I flashed him a smile. My son relaxed a bit, his cock started to become flaccid, which I did not want right now. "Tell me the truth Ryan, I have you ever had a woman stroke your cock and get you off?" "Mom! I can't believe you asked me that. No. I haven’t had any girl touch me." He looked so pitiful, which turned me on. "Can I jack you off?" I asked my son. Shocked he just stared at me but I noticed his cock twitched a bit. "But you are my mom, that would be weird, that would be incest. ‘Right, I bet you think it is weird’, I thought to myself.

I acted innocent and responded, "I am a woman, aren't I attractive?" My son said in a low voice, yes you are kinda hot but. I thought for a moment and said "Well, you could just pretend I am the woman in that magazine. You could just imagine that it is her stroking your cock, couldn't you?" I saw the lust flash in his eyes and I knew I had him. My son thought for a few moments then said, "Yeah I think I could do that but still you are my mom." "So, we just won't tell anyone, Ok? Right now, I am just your fantasy woman." My son didn’t say anything else, he laid back and I slowly reached for his hardening prick. His cock felt so good in my hand, it was so wet and sticky with his pre-cum, and I never have seen that much pre cum on any other man’s cock! I slowly began to stroke it up and down. My son started to moan, "Ooooh, that feels so good. Yeah do it faster. You are really good mom." I speed up my stroking of his wet, hard shaft; I loved looking at his piss slit seeing his pre-cum oozing out of it. With my other hand, I reached down and started to fondle his balls. He looked down at his cock, down at his mom's hands working his balls and prick and he got a glazed look on his face.

"Are you doing ok hon? Are you able to picture me as your fantasy woman, even though I am your mom?" "Oh yeah...I am not...having...a problem. Just don’t stop." he responded through his heavy breathing. "Faster, please go faster. I am beginning to get close cumming." "Already? Wow, this woman does make you horny. I am jealous, I wish I could make men cum this fast for me." I used to be a topless dancer, which my kid’s didn’t know. It turned me on so much, knowing I was making the guys I danced for hard and they would be thinking about me when they went home and jacked off or when they were fucking their girlfriends but this was turning me on, on a much deeper, more lustful, level.

Then my younger son, Hunter, walked in on us, he came in the door, not realizing what was going on. "Hey are you done with that magazine..." He stood there in stunned, seeing his mom jacking-off his brother, her son. I thought to myself ‘hey, they had that picture of me but of course they did not know I found it or even knew I knew they were getting off thinking about me.’ I just turned to face him, still stroking my older sons’ cock, "Oh so you jack-off to that magazine picture as well? I caught your brother jacking-off, so I asked him if he would like to have a woman do it for him. I said he could pretend I was who ever it was in that magazine. he was getting himself off to. Of course he won’t let me see the magazine." I turned and smiled at my son, but he was too glazed over in pure pleasure and lust. I could tell he was getting very close to releasing his load. "Get....the.... fuck ....out Hunter!" Ryan tried to yell. "Now don’t yell at your brother like that." I slowed down my stroking; I didn’t want my son to cum just yet. " "Look Hunter. If you would like, I would be happy to jack you off, after I am done with your brother. That is if you can pretend I am one of those women in that magazine. Would you like that?" "yyyess mom." Hunter stuttered a bit back to me. "Ok, well take that magazine. and wait for me in your bedroom." Hunter quickly raced to the bed, grabbed the magazine and ran out to his room.

I returned my attention to my son Ryan and went back to stroking his cock, good and fast. I could tell my son was ready to cum, his breathing was increasing, and he was moaning and squirming around. My own pussy was wet and I was getting pleasure of my own, I really wanted my son to lick and suck my pussy right then and there but I could not bring myself to have him do that, well not then. I got down on my knee's in-between my sons legs, so I was looking right up to his face as I stroked his glistening wet shaft. "Oh yeah, don’t stop, please don’t stop, faster, that’s it faster. I'm gonna cum, oh I gonna cum!" my son was almost shouting out to me. He would look at me stroking his cock with a lustful, glaze that I have never seen in a man before when I was either fucking them, sucking them or giving them a hand job. I leaned down closer to the tip of my sons cock, his piss slit was just beginning to spit out small spurts of pre-cum and cum. "That’s it Ryan, you can cum." In a very low voice I said, "Cum for mom, give mom all of your hot, sticky cum." I was not expecting the geyser of cum that was about to erupt from my son’s shaft. I was stroking my sons cock as fast as I could go, my son was moaning that he was gonna cum, then he yells out. "Here it cum's, here it cums, I'm… I’m' gonna cuuuuummmm!" With that my sons first spurt of thick, hot cum shot out of his prick and landed on my lower lip and chin. Instinctively I licked my sons’ gob off of my lip, he had his eyes closed, too bad he missed seeing his mom lick and swallow his cum. I raised my head up as the next spurts of cum fired out of Ryan’s cock and landed on my arm. I aimed his cock up a bit more as the large portion of my sons cum load erupted out. I could feel his cock pumping spurt after spurt of his salty, hot, white, thick cum out of his shaft. I counted about six more good-sized spurts of cum! I have never had a man cum for me that much! My sons cock, stomach and my hands were covered with his hot, cum. I could not believe how much he came! And to think, this was all for me, his mom.

I grabbed some tissue he had on the bed next to him. I cleaned off my sons cum from his stomach with my free hand as I slowly milked the remaining cum out of his cock, then I cleaned up his cock. I smiled at him, my son his cum on my arm and the gob on my chin and started to apologize, I told him not to worry, and it was not the first time I had cum on my face. I figured I would tease him with that. I went into my bathroom; my hands were covered in my sons cum. As soon as I shut my bathroom door, I snaked my tongue out and licked up the remaining cum off my chin. My sons cum tasted so good! I looked down at my arm and slowly, with one long lick, I scooped up my sons’ load he left me on my arm with my tongue. I kept it on my tongue and looked at it in the mirror. Then I slowly swallowed it. I licked clean my fingers then washed them off in the sink. I went to my other sons room, I could not wait to see how much he would cum for me, how much he would cum for his mom and I couldn't wait to taste his cum too.

Hunter was lying on his bed, naked, his shaft was dripping pre-cum as he was staring at that picture of me in the magazine; the picture I was not supposed to know about. "Are you ready Hunter? I don’t have to jack you off if you don’t want me too." "Oh no mom, I....I want you to." I smiled at him, "Are you sure, you don’t sound it. Are you sure you can pretend your mother is just one of those women you fantasize?" He smiled back at me; I could see him glancing from my picture to looking at my tits and pussy as I stood in front of him. His cock got harder and a small stream of pre-um was flowing out of his piss slit. His cock was about the same size as his brother. I sat down on the bed next to him and grabbed his cock. As I slowly stroked it, allowing his pre-um to coat my fingers, I said to him. "You and your brothers cocks are bigger than your fathers." "Really?" he responded. "Yep, much bigger. His was about 5 inches or so. I am sure any woman would like your cock's." Hunter, unlike his brother did not lay all the way back and close his eyes. He just stared at my hand going up and down his shaft. I watched him bite his lower lip, moaning. My son started talking, moaning. He would look at my hand and his cock and just say "Faster, oh please faster. Mmmm, make me cum." so I just asked him, "Hunter, are you thinking of that woman in the magazine?" "He looked at me the same glazed look, then flashed a glance at my tits, which were bouncing up and down a bit the motion of my cock stroking. I know my nipples were protruding through my shirt. "Oh yeah mom, I am thinking of her. Just don't stop...please."

My younger son did not last as long, I could tell he just wanted to cum as quickly as possible. I moved in-between his legs, I knew both of them probably had pictured me between them already. "I am gonna do it! I gonna do it mom." "Do it? Oh you mean cum?" "Yes, I am gonna cum, I cant hold it!" "Don’t hold it Hunter, you can cum for me." With that Hunter's hard shaft released its load. His cock first spurted out a couple of small spurts, I tilted his cock back towards his stomach, and I cupped my hand under it to catch his load. Then this huge spurt of super thick, white, hot cum squirted out his cock. It looked like a laser beam of cum; it was so long and continuous. Some it landed on my palm, some on my arm and some on his chest! I could not believe the moan my son let out as he sent this huge load out of his cock, the pleasure must have been incredible, my son actually passed out for a moment, his eyes closed and his head fell to the side. However his cock kept working, I leaned down, watching my sons’ eyes, I stuck my tongue out and caught the last few small spurts on my tongue. I quickly swallowed his cum, not being able to enjoy his taste too much.

"Hunter are you ok?" Oh...oh, yes felt so good...I never felt anything that good before." I had forgotten to bring some tissue with me, so I used my fingers to scoop up my sons’ cum. "I will be right back Hunter to clean up the rest of it." I quickly went into the bathroom and devoured Hunters cum. He tasted just as good as my other son. As I swallowed Hunters cum I could not believe what I had just done and what really got to me was how much I had enjoyed doing it. I couldn’t believe I just gave my son’s hand-jobs and then ate there cum. I knew it was wrong but it made me so horny watching Ryan jack-off, knowing that they were jacking off to me. I thought, ‘well all I did was give them hand job, it is not like I fucked them. Somewhere deep down inside, I knew I would end up fucking them too!

When I left the bathroom I found them both in Hunters room with magazine in their hands. I caught the tail end of their conversation as I walked in. They were both saying they couldn’t believe I jacked them off and how fucking good it felt. I came in the room and they both got really quiet. “So boy’s did I do go?” “Yes mom, you really did great.” Ryan said to me. Hunter spoke up; “It was really hot.” “Good. So you didn’t mind it was your mom giving you a hand job instead of your fantasy woman?” They both swallowed and said no, it was kinda weird at first but it was cool. I smiled at them and turned to walk out. I heard Hunter ask Ryan if he was going to ask her. Ryan hushed his younger brother. “Shut up asshole! Don’t say anything.” I turned around and asked them what they wanted to know. At first neither one said anything; they just looked at the floor. “Come on boys speak up.” Ryan started to mumble, “Well we wondering if…if” Then Hunter blurted out, “If you would jack us off again…sometime?” I should have said no but my deep incestuous lust took over. “Sure I guess. Do you boys jack off a lot?” They both turned red, embarrassed by my question. “Well, uh, yeah.” I thought for a moment, “Hmm, well as long as your older sister is not around or nobody else is in the house and I am not busy…sure. I would be more than happy to.” They both smiled at me; I smiled back at them and left the room. That was the start of what was to be a long summer of hot incestuous lust at my house.

-the end-


Growing up, I was an ugly duckling, the kid taking piano lessons, the kid with braces and white socks with rings around the ankles. My parents would not allow me to play sports because of my braces and a knee injury that I had sustained playing football in seventh grade. By 1969, I had outgrown white socks, the braces came off, I switched to playing the trumpet, and grew more than six inches over the summer; but my real transformation was yet to come.

Through hard work and perseverance, I was named first-trumpet-first-chair in the marching band. For the layman, that meant that I was the trumpet player who was given the hardest charts and solos. The director of the band, the brass professor at a renowned music school, named me the student director of the student-run jazz band. And lastly, I was named lead trumpet for the pit orchestra in the high school play. It was the spring musical and we were performing How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

Hours were spent copying our parts from the master score to individual charts for each instrument. The orchestra practiced their parts for weeks before joining the aspiring young actors and actresses for practice in our auditorium. The auditorium was a fine place for live performances. The whole school was made of brick and designed in a gothic style. Each corner of the school had a round turret. One of the turrets jutted from the right side of the stage and contained a door with an arched top. The door led to the stage area. Wooden steps led down from the door to the auditorium floor. Next to the steps was a real orchestra pit, right in front of the stage.

The school I attended was a Catholic all-boys school. Unlike my Freshman year, when all the parts were played by the boys from the school, the female parts in the play were being performed by girls from the local all-girls Catholic schools. One of these actresses was a girl from my neighborhood, named Kathy, who I knew pretty well in grade school, but had lost touch with once we started high school. She was the only female in the musical that I knew.

During the regular practices, I enjoyed watching the performers. I had never seen the play or the movie before, and other than laughing at the comedic parts, nothing exceptional grabbed my attention.

The first dress rehearsal was held on the Wednesday before the Opening Friday. It was the first time that we got to see the cast in costume. In one of the scenes, a girl emerges from a pirate’s chest. My view from the pit was an exceptionally good one. The chest opened and out popped two long fishnet-clad legs. They were shapely. The girl on the other end of those legs was tall and wore high heels that turned her ankle in a sexy way. It was the first time I really noticed this girl.

Not only did she have nice legs, she was well-constructed in all the right places and was a pretty girl. She was not overwhelmingly beautiful, but had the girl-next-door look. Her hair was dirty blonde in color and hung just below her shoulders.

Well, I never thought of introducing myself to her that night and, even after the next dress rehearsal, I never found out her name.

Opening night was here. The orchestra members where decked out in the tuxedos furnished by the school and everything was set to go. I had been in the pit orchestra the previous year and knew that everyone in
the cast wishes each other good luck by saying “break a leg”, or something silly like that. I had never gone backstage before, because the orchestra and the cast had little in common. However, Kathy was a friend and I decided to go back to see her.

I walked from the pit, up the wooden steps, and through the thick wooden door and into the stage area. The place was a bustle of activity. I could see Kathy and made my way to her. She kissed me on the cheek and uttered the normal clich?Then, I heard a voice say out loud, “Who’s he?” It was an exciting, inquiring voice and gave me a shiver. It was the girl in the fishnet stockings! She walked over to me and gave me a nice long kiss on the lips and wished me good luck.

With my head in a spin, I made my way back to the pit and waited for the show. It went without a hitch. However, I paid more attention than ever to the girl in the fishnet stockings.

When the show was over, there was a customary cast party planned. Last year, I didn’t attend. This time, I asked Kathy what the girl’s name was, and if they were going to the party. They were both going to the party. My interest in this girl was growing. The girl’s name was Lynn and she was from St. Rosalia’s High School.

I had never been kissed like that before and wondered whether it was only me, or if she kissed all the cast members like that. I was going to the party and would find out for myself.

I hurried down the steps to the boys’ locker room, where I changed out of my tux and back into my street clothes. I headed out to my dad’s car, a 1965 Ford Custom, and followed some of the other orchestra members to the house where the party was being held.

The house was in a well-established, well-to-do section of town. The house was very large and had a large foyer that I could see through the cut glass windows. Once inside, I could see that a crowd had already gathered. They were listening to a recording of the play that someone had made using a pretty fancy tape recorder. I looked around and could see no sign of Kathy or Lynn. I walked around the rooms where people were gathering and looked for them.

Before too long, I bumped into Kathy and asked her where I might find Lynn. She told me that she was downstairs in the game room. I walked down the steps to what seemed like a basement, except that it was finished with wood paneling and had a pool table. I didn’t see Lynn at first. I walked around the persons playing pool and noticed that there were two small rooms off from the main game room. Lynn was indeed in one of these small rooms. She was sitting there on a love seat in the dark. I stood in the doorway and said hello. She stood up and put her arms around my neck and began to kiss me. These were deep kisses, French kisses. Her tongue was penetrating my mouth. I circled my lips around her tongue, allowing them to slide down the length it as she withdrew it. We broke our embrace and I sat down on the couch next to her. I had hardly taken a look at her.

She was wearing a yellow and white flowered dress, pulled together at her narrow waist with a belt. She had on tan stockings and white sandals with a two or three inch heel. I put my hand about two inches above her knee and looked at her. She was grinning like she didn’t know what to say and neither did I. I put my arm around her and slung her into my lap, cradling her head in my arms. We kissed again and again, undisturbed by the people who would stick their head in to see who was in the darkened room.

We kissed for what seemed like hours and neither of us wanted to stop. She stopped for a moment, got up and closed the door. She lay me on the love seat with my head resting against the pillow and the armrest and legs hanging over the other armrest, then she laid down on top of me. I was embarrassed, but all that kissing had made me as hard as a rock and when she lay down, my hard cock was pressed against her crotch. She put her arms behind my head and kissed me some more. I could feel her crotch pressing against my stiff member. She was wearing pantyhose and the slickness of the nylon against her dress made her movement easy.

Her breathing began to quicken and she could not keep her tongue inside my mouth for any length of time. I could feel the air moving past my lips as she drew it into her mouth. Her hips began to move and press
her crotch against me. She began to slide her body up my length. It felt as if she was putting me between the lips of her pussy, trying to stimulate herself. Her breathing turned into moans.

To this point, I had not touched the forbidden parts of her body. I could no longer resist and put my hands on the cheeks of her ass and pushed her grinding hips into mine. This made her moan even louder. I put one hand behind her head and pushed her mouth into my neck to try and muffle the moaning. I could tell by the unsettled rocking and the sounds that she was making that she was having an orgasm. All the sliding against my cock had made me wet with pre-cum and I was feeling pretty good myself inside my boxers.

I hadn’t noticed before, but we were both wet with sweat. Her hair was matted with sweat where it touched her face. She smiled at me and began to unzip my pants. She placed her body between the door and mine so that her deed would be hidden from view if anybody opened the door, then she took her hand and put it down my pants. She caressed and fondled me, spreading my pre-cum over the head of my penis and down the shaft.

The softness of her palm rubbed gently against the most sensitive area. The more excited I got, the more excited she was getting. She was really getting turned on playing with me. As the moisture began to dry, she put her palm to her lips and licked it, as she looked right at me, almost making it a point to see that I was looking back at her.

She put her hand back inside and began to stroke me faster. My breathing was getting heavy now. I was on the verge of orgasm and didn’t know what to do. She was getting hotter and hotter. The more I looked at her, the hotter I got. Her hand was really moving fast now. It spent more time near my ridge and head than at my base. I was going to cum. Right there in a stranger’s home, I was going to cum and she was going to make sure of it.

As the first spurts of pleasure began to erupt, she got a big shit-eating grin on her face. I could feel my warm ejaculate running down between my legs and balls. Yet, she continued to stroke, bringing aftershocks and an almost oversensitive tickle to me. She pulled her wet hand from inside my cum-covered boxers and was careful not to get any on my pants or shirt. Her hand went right to her mouth where she licked her palm and fingers until there was no proof of tomfoolery.

I sat up, straightened my clothes and lip locked her for the rest of the night.

-the end-

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